New Building for the Cyprus News Agency Offices, Nicosia -CY

Participation in architectural competition, 2010

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Dimitris Giannisis, Nikos Smyrlis
Associates: Ioanna Lisgara, Dora Moudatsou

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The transparency of the building highlights the continuous flow of people and information in the news agency offices.

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The building program is organized around a hub for recording and editing the news. The position and layout of the news room highlights the pivotal role of the building in information management.

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Shading is adjusted by a system of louvers which protects the interior spaces from direct sunlight. This is a second building skin which shades the workspace facades at the summer solstice while allowing the sun to warm the place in winter. The blinds have integrated photovoltaic systems which absorb solar radiation and convert it into sufficient energy in order to illuminate the building at night. In this way, the building is converted into an autonomous "lantern" which filters and diffuses the light in the interior during night and day, in a different way each time.

Mechanical engineer: Yorgos Prosgolitis.

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