Complex of 10 Vacation Houses in Skroponeri, Euboea -GR

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou
Associate: Marina Symeonidou
Design: 2008

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Skroponeri is an area of outstanding natural beauty within a short distance from Chalkida. At the moment the area is sparsely built, but its tourist development is soon expected.

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Each of the three projects for small vacation houses complexes at Skroponeri ("Framed Terraces", "Linear Terraces", "Twisted Terraces") includes three types of vacation apartments in one, two or three levels, which all offer the best possible view of the bay. Each complex has a communal courtyard, where the residents can meet and entertain around a small pool.
Variations in the design of the terraces give each project its own architectural identity.

Civil Engineer: Konstantinos Tzimas

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