Designed for the "Invisible Hotel" exhibition (2005) that was curated by M. Philippidis

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou

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Mediterranean sea is often considered to be a place of escape where urbanites seek body pleasures. Natural phenomena, such as light, water and time, are perceived in a special way there.

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The project proposes an "artificial nature", an area of temporal habitation in the city which recreates the perceptual experience of a rocky beach. The design proposal introduces characteristic phenomena of the Mediterranean landscape in an urban hotel: the courtyard of a typical block is occupied by an open pool. Over the pool, the two wings of rooms are shaped like naturally sculptured surfaces, as rocky surfaces. Around the open space, the hotel rooms are arranged in such a way as to encourage visual contact, as it happens on a beach.

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The hotel space becomes a perceptual zone where different phenomena take place. Hotel guests may perceive changes of natural and artificial lighting through the perforated building envelope, changes in weather at the sky and water surface, as well as changes of desire though the rear hotel windows.

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