Apartment building at Pagkrati, Athens -GR

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou
Design: 1999 / Construction: 2002

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The Greek version of urban housing is the "polykatoikia" (apartment building). This is a modern typology that appeared in the 1930's and continued to be produced with nearly the same rules until the 1980's. The "polykatoikias" are built in privately owned small plots by small building enterprises. They usually do not exceed six storeys and obey a typical width and shape. The General Building Regulation in force since 1985 allowed the construction of higher structures and the free location of the building on the site.

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The project attempts to revise the typology of the Athenian post-war polykatoikia. It is located in an urban block at the centre of Athens that was built during a period of tight restrictions on the height and placement of new structures.

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The lowest part of the building continues in a podium that is extended to the full length of the plot. A fitness club at the ground and first floor of the building interacts with street life. In the middle part, the typical Athenian balconies that surround the visible concrete frame, are joined in order to shape distinct masses and lend the building its volumetric identity. The highest part of the building exceeds over the rest of the apartment block and provides spectacular views to the city.

Civil Engineer: Nikitas Markakis. Construction: D. & E. Markakis.
Photos: Charalambos Louizides.

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