Regeneration of Koumoundourou Square, Athens -GR

Participation in architectural competition, 1998

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou, Adonis Cleanthous

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Koumoundourou Square has been the most important public space at the western part of the Athens centre. During the years of the Olympic preparation, it was an area isolated from the commercial and leisure activities of the historic centre. Positive aspects of the old condition include the neoclassical layout, the proportions and scale of the surrounding buildings and the clustering of private higher education institutions on the perimeter.

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The major design strategy is that of an artificial urban landscape comprised of a series of smooth inclined surfaces. This is a space that is perceived by the movement of the human body and the constant shifting of the horizon. The creation of a continuous open space as an "urban vessel", prevents the formation of new boundaries in the urban space. In this way, the square functions as a vessel holding a liquid matter.

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