Regeneration of Dimosthenis Sotiriou Square, Markopoulo -GR

1st Prize in architectural competition, 1998

Architects: Panos Dragonas, Varvara Christopoulou

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Markopoulo is a small town between Athens and the Mesogeia coastal zone. The construction of the new Athens airport, the Attica ring-road and the Olympic Equestrian Centre at Markopoulo, led to the overall development of the area. Dimosthenis Sotiriou square was mostly used as a parking lot for commuters and shop customers, and was thus unable to serve as a public space for the local community.

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The awarded design proposal aims to create a flexible urban space, capable of adapting to different uses and demands of the residents. The plan layout restores the connection of the public space with the church, the town hall and the town memorial. The linear square, measuring 90 X 12 meters, is delimited by inclined surfaces that define transitional spaces and sitting areas.

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The architectural and transportation study was completed in 2002 but was never implemented due to disputes related to the pedestrianization of the town centre.

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Civil engineers: Yorgos Dimos, Paris Patsioras. Mechanical engineer: Yorgos Prosgolitis. Transportation engineers: Denco development & engineering consultants.

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